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Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro 76Mbps available to all customers

Sky has quietly rolled out Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro – the ‘80Mbps’ service we spotted back in April – to all of its customers who can get it.

Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro, providing top speeds of 76Mbps, was previously only available to a few Sky customers on a limited trial basis.

Costing £30 a month (plus £12.25 a month line rental), Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro gives you 19Mbps top upload speeds, unlimited downloads and inclusive evening and weekend calls.

Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro 76Mbps available to all customers

Speaking to ISP Review, Sky confirmed that Fibre Unlimited Pro is available to customers that covered by BT Openreach’s FTTC footprint. BT has connected over 10 million UK homes and businesses to its FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) Network and ultimately plans to cover two-thirds of the UK by 2015.

There’s still no information about signing up for Fibre Unlimited Pro online. So if you’re interested you’ll need to give Sky a call to get signed up.

Minimum contract length is 12 months and as with Sky’s non-cable based broadband, there’s no traffic shaping at any time of day.

We’re still waiting to hear back from Sky itself on Fibre Unlimited Pro and whether it’ll be launching 330Mbps broadband anytime soon