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Sky Go and Now TV heading to PlayStation 4, PS3 owners to get Sky Go

Sky has announced that its streaming TV platforms Sky Go and Now TV will be landing on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console this summer. 

Sky TV subscribers will be able to access up to 57 live TV channels on their PS4s, as well as tap into Sky’s on demand library of catch-up services and TV box sets. 

Additionally, last-gen gamers with PlayStation 3’s will also be able to access Sky Go for the first time this summer. 

Sky Go and Now TV heading to PlayStation 4, PS3 owners to get Sky Go
SkyStation: Sky Go and Now TV headed to a PS4 near you… eventually

Subscription streaming service Now TV will also be landing on the PlayStation 4 later this year. Now TV is Sky’s on-demand services for non-Sky TV subscribers and gives viewers access to Sky Movies, Sky Sports and Sky Entertainment content. Now TV has been available on the PlayStation 3 since July 2013

The channels you can access through Sky Go depends on your Sky TV package, so you won’t be able to get Sky Sports through your PS4 unless you’re a Sky Sports subscriber for example. 

Fergal Gara, Vice President and Managing Director for Sony Computer Entertainment UK said: “Now TV has been a great addition to the PlayStation 3 entertainment portfolio, so bringing it to the new PS4 is going to delight all users of the newest, most powerful member of the PlayStation family.

“Sky Go joining both PlayStation platforms further enhances our credentials as the ultimate gaming and entertainment package.”

Now TV will be heading to the PS4 at some point in Summer 2014; there’s no solid launch date yet. The ETA for Sky Go on the PS4 and PS3 later this year is even more vague. All we know at the moment is that it will be landing on both consoles later this year. 

At the moment, this gives the PlayStation 4 an edge over rival next-gen console Xbox One in terms of streaming services

While Now TV is available on Xbox One, Sky Go has yet to emerge on Microsoft’s bleeding edge console. BBC iPlayer, available on the PS4 since launch has also yet to arrive on Xbox One. 


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