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Sky HD Guide update brings Anytime+ on-demand to the forefront: video

Sky HD viewers will start to see a new-look sharper programme guide in the next few weeks, with Anytime, recordings and search given a higher billing.

The new Guide will come to all Sky+HD boxes except the original Thomson DSI8215 box, starting this month with the Amstrad DRX890 and DRX895 (1TB) models.

The look and feel have been tightened up to fit eight channels down the the programme listings area instead of the current six, as well as eight genres across the screen.

The big change for most users is that several genres now come with a choice of live channels, recordings, on-demand, rentals and search.

Luke Bradley Jones, Sky’s brand director for TV products, said: “Hosting over 1.2 billion customer interactions each month, the Sky Guide is a fundamental part of the Sky experience, which is why we’ve worked hard on these new features to continue to give our customers the best experience we possibly can.

“We also want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to find the content they love, and we’re confident that our new look EPG does just that.

“The combination of world-class content, an enhanced EPG and innovative on-demand services like Sky Anytime+ means that our customers will soon be able to enjoy even more control and choice over their viewing experience.”

The Sky+ Planner now has genre listings to help users navigate their recordings on the latest high-capacity boxes with hundreds of hours of storage.

Sky Guide new landing page

The new landing page appears on the Entertainment, Lifestyle, Movies, Sports, News, Documentaries, Kids and Music genres, but All and HD channels will still show just live channels.

The Search & Scan banner is now transparent so it blocks the picture less, and Audio Description has been made more accessible.

The new-look guide is being rolled out to tens of thousands of customers from today, although those with Pace, Samsung and Amstrad Sky+HD 780 boxes will have to wait until later this year.

The original 2006 Thomson Sky+HD box is now showing its age, and isn’t being upgraded to the new look because it lacks the processing power for better graphics and transparent menus.