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Sky Kids: All you need to know about Sky’s new app for children

What is the the Sky Kids app, what shows can you watch on it, will there be parental controls, how do you download Sky Kids to your phone or tablet and when is it available? Here’s all you need to know.

What is the Sky Kids app?

Sky Kids is a new app aimed at your sprogs, allowing them to watch popular kids TV shows on a phone or tablet. Over 4000 episodes of popular kids shows from the likes of Disney, Nickelodeon, CBeebies and CITV will be available to stream or download through the Sky Kids app, including new episodes of plasticine character Morph, created by Aardman. 

Kids can create their own profile (complete with cartoon avatar) and the app will recommend shows to them based on their age and browsing habits. The interface is image rather than text-based, so even young kids will be able to use it. 

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What ages is the Sky Kids app aimed at?

There’s a big range of kids content available through Sky Kids, from CBeebies shows up to more grown-up shows like Adventure Time, so almost every age is catered for. Sky is aiming the app at pre-schoolers to 9-year-olds.

What if I have more than one kid?

You can create up to ten different profiles on the Sky Kids app, so even large families are covered. Each individual profile will save its user’s favourite shows and settings.

Will there be parental controls in the Sky Kids app?

Yes. You can tell the app what age your child is and then disable access to certain channels, so they can’t browse channels or watch shows that are inappropriate for their age range.

Sky is also implementing a bedtime setting, which disables the app in a fun way (complete with yawning characters) at a pre-set time.

Can you download shows to watch on the move with the Sky Kids app?

At launch, Sky Kids will only allow streaming of shows when connected to the internet. However, the ability to download shows to watch on the go is coming soon, to compete with Amazon’s own kids offering.

Will Sky Kids be free to download for Sky customers?

Yes. If you have a Sky TV subscription with a Variety or higher bundle, then you can download and use the Sky Kids app at no extra cost. 

When will Sky Kids be available to UK customers?

The Sky Kids app will be available to download from March 31. 

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Can I download the Sky Kids app to my iPhone or iPad/Android phone or tablet/Windows phone or tablet?

The Sky Kids app will be available to download for iOS devices (including recent iPhones and iPads) as well as Android phones and tablets. There is currently no support for Windows devices, although Windows 10 tablets can use the Sky Go app to watch kids shows. 

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