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Sky Movies gets Amazon-style Watchlist with latest Sky+ update

The latest update rolling out to Sky+HD boxes adds a Watchlist for Sky Movies. 

Like the similar features on Amazon and Netflix this lets you stack up available and upcoming flicks by pressing the green button on your Sky remote. 

Combined with the new More Like This recommendations feature, activated with the press of the yellow button on your Sky remote, you’ll be able to quickly build up a hefty list of titles on your Watchlist to burn through. 

Ian Lewis, director of Sky Movies, also revealed that Sky TV customers with connected set-top boxes will also be able to make use of something called Watch from Start. If you’ve missed the start of a film on Sky Movies, pressing the green button will start downloading a digital copy to your hard drive so you can watch from the beginning, in a manner similar to the backwards EPGs of Virgin Media TiVo and YouView. 

Lewis said: “If there’s one place the family can count on for the latest Hollywood blockbusters or classic films, either live or on demand, it’s Sky Movies. 

“And we’re now introducing some clever new features that will make it even easier to find and enjoy a fantastic movie when you settle down on the sofa, including brand new ‘Watch from Start’ which makes missing the start of a film a thing of the past.” 

The latest Sky+ update has brought a 'watch from start' feature to Sky subscribers

This latest update, which begins hitting Sky+HD boxes today, is the third that Sky’s released this year; back in April, Sky added film trailers to its connected service and last month an update adding subtitles to Box Set and on-demand content was pushed out to customers. 

Sky’s director of TV products Luke Bradley-Jones, said: “This is just the latest in a series of enhancements we’re rolling out every few months to make sure Sky+ continues to make TV watching a brilliant experience in homes up and down the country. 

“The pace at which we’re developing for Sky+ has never been quicker – so customers can look forward to more updates later this year and into 2016.”

Later on this year, Sky will also add Rotten Tomatoes Audience Scores as star ratings to its films to give punters an idea of whether Fast & Furious 7 really is their cup of tea or not. 

Around 7 million of Sky’s 12 million TV customers in the UK and Ireland have hooked their Sky+HD boxes up to the Internet. As well as being able to download movies, getting your Sky+HD box connected means you’ll be able to access a wealth of content from Sky On Demand, which includes access to catch-up services like BBC iPlayer and All 4 as well as box sets and content from Sky’s own TV channels including Sky 1, Sky Atlantic and Sky Living. 


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