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Sky+ app update adds Apple TV-esque photo sharing through your Sky+HD box

Sky’s latest updates to its iOS and Android apps let you share your pictures on your TV through the Sky+ app. 

Similar to how Apple TV lets you stream photos taken on your iPhone or iPad on your TV, if you’ve got a compatible iOS or Android device, you’ll be able to share snaps taken on your phone through your Sky+HD box instead of having to connect cables or tie your head in knots because your phone uses the wrong kind of Miracast

The new apps, which also let you remotely manage recordings on your Sky+HD box, are available to download now. 

Tapping the camera icon will let you stream photos stored on your device to your TV screen, through your Sky+HD box
Tapping the camera icon will let you stream photos stored on your device to your TV screen, through your Sky+HD box

Once you’ve got the new app installed, simply click on the camera icon next to the settings spanner and you’ll be taken to a facsimile of your phone or tablet’s gallery. 

From there you can select which photos you want to stream to your TV or choose to to play a slideshow.  

Sky’s director of TV product Luke Bradley-Jones said: “We know customers already love the Sky+ app and now it’s even better. The photo viewing function lets you simply, quickly and easily view photos on your TV via a connected Sky+HD box without the need for any extra devices.” 

Both your Sky+HD box and the device you’re sharing photos from will need to be connected to the home network in order for photo sharing to work. 

Sky+HD boxes can be connected either via WiFi or via Ethernet. Customers with older Sky hardware that doesn’t come with built-in WiFi can pick up a wireless adapter for £21.95, if an Ethernet option isn’t convenient.  

How photo sharing looks on iOS
How photo sharing looks on iOS

Things like Smart Series Link, which also remembers to record episodes of future seasons, and the New & Recommended discovery tool are now baked into the Sky+ apps, as is a Sports shortcut, which takes you straight to all of the sports channels as well as live scheduled events. 

Sky has also worked closely with the RNIB to optimise the inbuilt voice over technology on iOS and Android devices, making Sky+ even more accessible for blind or partially sighted customers. 

You can download the new Sky+ apps from the iTunes App Store and Google Play now. 


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