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Sky Share app lets you remote record from Facebook – Video

It’s amazing that the Sky+ apps let you set remote recording from your phone, but what could be more amazing than that? Setting recordings from Facebook. 

Sky Share is a smart new service that lets you do just that. Simply install the app on your Facebook profile, enter your Sky iD when prompted and you’ll be able to manage recordings remotely from your desktop. 

As well as making remote recording more convenient, Sky TV subscribers will also be able to see what shows are coming up over the next seven days. 

Sky Share app lets you remote record from Facebook
‘Thomas is watching Pointless. Zero people like this.’

Sky Share also lets you tell your friends what shows you’re watching, inviting friends to comment along with shows. This could make for some interesting armchair commentary from friends watching the same Premier League match, episodes of Game of Thrones, True Blood, Horny Housewives or whatever you’re into. In this sense, Sky Share is similar to in that it takes the conversation out of the living room and 

Andrew Mortimer, Director of Brand and Media, Sky, comments: “Increasingly customers are turning to social media to talk about and share the shows they love. With such a wealth of choice of high-quality content, we know that our customers really value TV recommendations from their friends to help them get the most from their TV viewing.  

“Sky Share is the perfect tool to complement this trend – and is all part of our commitment to offer our customers the best combination of choice, control and flexibility.” 

You’ll also get a window into the viewing habits of others with Sky Share at it monitors what programmes are trending. You’ll also be recommended programmes based on what everyone is watching and join in with your friends other conversations. Sharing is all opt-in of course. You don’t have to tell people you’re watching Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents if you’d rather keep your TV guilty pleasures under wraps.

Previews and trailers for upcoming shows like A Touch of Cloth and Chickens are also a feature of Sky Share so you’ll get a first look at some of Sky’s upcoming shows through the app as well. 

As well as working on PC and Mac desktops, Sky Share works on iOS mobile devices too. You can install Sky Share by heading over here and clicking OK. 

Sky has also put together a short video explaining how Sky Share works.


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