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Sky Sports 3D new channel coming soon?

Sky Sports 3D could spin-off from the Sky 3D channel to make room for a growing roster of sports and films in 3D.

A quarter of a million Sky customers have asked for the Sky 3D channel to be activated on their Sky+HD box.

It’s now growing difficult for Sky to balance the demands for sports, films and entertainment to fit onto the 3D schedules.

Sky 3D

Sky Movies bosses Simon Rexworthy and Ian Lewis told Pocket-Lint that Sky Sports 3D could launch within the next 12 months.

Meanwhile, Sky has up to 40 films in 3D lined up for 2012, and a growing choice of 3D entertainment shows.

Sky 3D is a bonus channel for subscribers to the top tier of HD entertainment channels, movies and sports – provided they have a 3D-ready TV.

But with 3D coming way down in the list of viewers’ priorities for next-generation TV features, even a channel with deep pockets like Sky must question the wisdom of investing in 3D coverage and the bandwidth for two 3D channels.