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Sky Sports Pub Challenge pub finder and quiz app lands on iOS and Android

Sky has rolled out the Pub Challenge app, letting iOS and Android owners locate the nearest boozer with Sky Sports on the go. 

The mobile app also comes with a check-in function, letting you broadcast your location to the internet Foursquare style and a quiz, letting you occupy yourself with Premier League trivia while you’re waiting for the games to start. 

In a genius move, you’ll be able to become the trivia king of your local as you have to check in to your pub before you can start the quiz. Leaderboards will let players check their scores against fellow patrons, friends and other players up and down the country. 

Sky Sports Pub Challenge pub finder and quiz app lands on iOS and Android

As well as basking the glory of being the best trivia wizard of your pub, those entering into quizzes and polls will be entered into weekly prize draws. 

David Rey, managing director for Sky Business, says: ‘’We’re expecting Sky Sports Pub Challenge to be a big hit with people who like to watch the big games with friends down at the pub. 

“The quizzes, polls and predictions really bring out people’s competitive side and with prizes like weekly Barclays Premier League tickets, monthly rewards of up to £2,500 and a grand end-of-season cash prize of £20,000, it’s a rewarding and sociable way for people to get into the action and make the most of match days down at their local pub.” 

Sky’s figures show that 2.2 million sports fans watch the games in Sky Sports pubs at least once a week, so the offer of cash prizes and game tickets will be even more of a draw for regular drinkers. 

Sky Sports Pub Challenge is available to download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play now. 


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