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Sky Store brings over 1,000 films to Anytime+

Keen-eyed Sky Anytime users will have noticed the name Sky Store for a while, now it’s officially replacing Sky Box Office for pay-per-view films and TV.

Sky has also added more than 1,000 new titles to the Anytime+ on-demand service in preparation for opening it up to all Sky subscribers by Easter.

By April 8, every home with Sky+HD – more than five million – will be able to hook it up to their broadband connection to stream and download films and TV shows from Sky Anytime+.

Sky Store replaces Sky Box Office

Ian Lewis, director of Sky Movies said, “Thanks to Sky Store, we are able to deliver our customers a comprehensive movie rental service straight to their living room.

“Millions of our customers love having the ability to watch hundreds of movies through a Sky Movies subscription, but we know that some prefer to enjoy films on a pay as you go basis.

“That’s why all Sky Anytime+ customers can now instantly rent a huge range of movies from the Sky Store. Easy, convenient and flexible, Sky Store is a gateway through to new DVD releases as well as all-time favourites, catering to all tastes and moods.”

New blockbusters such as Immortals, Paranormal Activity 3 and The Three Musketeers will be available from £3.49, with classic titles such as Patch Adams, Ever After and Picture Perfect will also be available to rent, some from just 99p. 

Sky Store prices

Sky Movies subscribers will get free access to more than 600 films and there’s a wide range of entertainment, documentaries and drama box-sets available depending on your subscription.

The Anytime+ service is currently restricted to the 1.2million Sky Broadband subscribers. 


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