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Sky to axe old BE Broadband email and web hosting in July

BE Broadband users are set to lose their webhosting and email addresses at the end of July.

Sky, which took BE Unlimited over when it bought O2 Broadband in 2013, will shut down both services on July 31 email addresses ending will no longer be able to send and receive messages and mail will not be forwarded.

Customers have been advised to back up their contacts and get a new email address (if they don’t want to use their Sky address), and to update any online accounts that use a address as their username, such as social media, banking or shopping online accounts.

Sky to axe old BE Broadband email and web hosting in July
It was BE there, now it’s BE gone

It recommended this should be done as soon as possible. “The sooner you start, the sooner your contacts will know your email address is changing and can make any necessary arrangements,” Sky said.

Former BE users will also need to advise friends, family, newsletters, groups or clubs that their contact email address is being changed.

A trickier job than replacing your email address may be moving websites to a new host, when BE’s web hosting is closed down on July 31 alongside email, but there’s no shortage of alternative providers.

“The URL will be deactivated so should you wish to keep a website you’ll need to get a new URL and hosting provider,” read a statement on the BE web portal.

“Your new web hosting provider can help you with this. Many offer easy to use templates and domain purchasing services.

“To avoid any disruptions or any detrimental impact to your business, we strongly recommend you take steps to acquire a new hosting service.

“If your URL is connected to your business you should take steps to acquire a new URL before 31 July 2014. No compensation will be available.”

Sky recommended that users also download their data before they move to the new provider, so nothing is lost in the transfer.

Sky took control of BE Broadband when it parent company O2’s broadband and home phone customers in 2013.

BE was seen as a high quality service, and Sky originally promised to use the BE brand for its Sky Fibre Broadband Pro up-to-76Mbps FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) service.


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