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Sky to relaunch BE Broadband as premium 80Mbps fibre package

Sky will use BE Broadband’s respected brand to launch a flexible premium fibre package based on Fibre Unlimited Pro.

The new BE will be based on BT Openreach’s 80Mbps-down and 20Mbps-up FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) service, with an ADSL option for those outside of fibre coverage.

Other features will include BE’s expert ‘Bulgarians’ customer support, single static IPs, and use of non-Sky routers.

Sky to relaunch BE Broadband as premium 80Mbps fibre package
BE is about to be reborn as a prosumer fibre service

A message on BE’s user forums: “For the router-bridgers, arch gamers and IT pros amongst you (well, that’s who you say you are…), Sky recognise that you value the support provided by our customer service team (“the Bulgarians” as you call them). 

“And that your broadband is most definitely not a vanilla, one-size-fits-all service. It needs to have flexibility to support your own particular requirements. 

“So Sky are looking to recreate BE on their own network as a premium service based on their top notch Fibre Unlimited Pro service.

“Sky are busy working behind the scenes building you a great new service, it’ll take some months to get it up and running.”

There’s no news yet on how much it will cost, or what will happen to BT’s basic Value and Unlimited customers, or those who don’t want the fibre option (if only for cost reasons).

It’s likely they’ll be offered a standard Sky Broadband Unlimited package with its vanilla FTTC-ready router.

Sky has told O2 and BE customers it will begin moving them onto its network from this autumn, and it’s promised to support existing routers.

Sky said: “We are working to create a premium service based on our Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro service using single static IP capability with personalisation options similar to those seen on the BE network.  

“For BE customers not in a Fibre area we are working on a similar product over ADSL. We are also aware that some customers would like to keep using their own routers and certain features such as Static IP, which is why we’re working hard to develop support for these important features on Sky’s network. 

“We will communicate all the product options directly to BE customers when they are all confirmed.”



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