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Sky to start beaming targeted ads at your home postcode

If you think there’s already too much pressure on you to buy certain products, prepare yourself, because Sky is about to start beaming ads that are cleverly adapted for where you live. 

From November, advertisers using Sky’s advertising platform called Sky AdSmart will be able to target specific ads to the first two letters of your postcode. 

In addition, advertisers can add their own data into the mix, such as age group, gender and particular interests, which will tie into data Sky already knows about you and your family so the adverts you see on telly will be relevant to what you like.

Sky AdSmart changes your ads according to where you live
Sky AdSmart changes your ads according to where you live

Jamie West, Sky Media’s deputy managing director, said the company has seen increased demand from advertisers wanting to specifically target audiences.

“Building on our successful launch, we’re further strengthening the product to give advertisers additional ways of reaching their desired audiences on TV. We look forward to continuing to develop Sky AdSmart to give advertisers even more control over their TV campaigns.”

AdSmart was announced in January and although it was only available on certain channels such as entertainment, movies and sports channels, it’s now been extended to cover more subjects and channels including Nat Geo, Fox and History.

Sky says it’s seen great success from its new platform, with 224 brands running 640 individual advertising campaigns using Sky AdSmart.

The technology works by sending a library of adverts to your Sky+HD set-top box. It then chooses which adverts are aligned to your household’s tastes and then puts them into live advert slots when they appear.


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