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Sky to take Acetrax to the knacker’s yard June 21, 2013

Sky has announced that its shutting down Acetrax, the on-demand movie service it acquired last year. 

From June 21 onwards, Acetrax will cease to operate. Customers who still have Acetrax credit left to use up will need to be used up by June 20. Any credit left after then can be claimed by filling out this form

The same applies if you’ve bought any movies from Acetrax that you’ve not downloaded; you’ve got roughly a month to download your films or apply to get your money back. 

Sky to take Acetrax to the knacker’s yard June 21, 2013

The fledgling streaming service was snapped up by the pay TV giant in May 2012 and was used to power the then-new Now TV service and old favourite Sky Go. Now Sky has got what it wanted, it’s shutting down operations of the little-known service. A spokesperson said: 

“Having successfully integrated the Acetrax over-the-top technology and capability into our business, we are now managing down the small video-on-demand service still operating under the Acetrax brand.  Once that process is complete, our OTT efforts will focus on Sky Go and Now TV, through which we continue to build leadership and scale in internet TV.” 

Since the purchase of Acetrax, Sky Go has launched on a growing range of Android phones and the new premium Sky Go Extra service, which allows for programmes to be downloaded to phones for offline viewing, has launched. 

Now TV has launched into the on-demand market offering access to premium Sky Movies and Sky Sports content to Sky and non-Sky TV customers alike. 


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