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Sky’s Wireless Booster blasts WiFi blackspots, free from December 26 – UPDATED

Getting decent wireless signal around the home is a pain. Sky is making things easier for its customers however with the new Wireless Booster which aims to improve signal range by 100 per cent. 

The Sky Wireless Booster is a wireless extender that lets you increase coverage in a room, floor or any part of your home that’s suffering from weak WiFi reception.

It’s designed to work with Sky’s own Hub routers, but you’ll be able to connected to any wireless router with WiFi N (802.11 bgn) technology. 

Sky’s Wireless Booster blasts WiFi blackspots, free until December 26
Why Cry: Improve WiFi coverage around the home with the Sky Wireless Booster

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to WiFiAll you need to do is set the Wireless Booster near your existing Sky Hub, then take it close to your Wi-Fi blackspot and power it up.

The Wireless Booster will look just like your Sky Hub, so there’s no need to set up a new Wi-Fi password on your devices – it just amplifies the signal where it was weak before.

Sky’s own research says that average Sky Broadband homes have at least seven WiFi enabled devices, with one in five people owning six or more devices. This basically means that in the evenings when everyone’s home, the WiFi signal is going to be congested with everyone fighting to get online. 

Getting a Wireless Booster set up to improve coverage for everyone might be preferable to arguments with family members and flatmates. It’s important to note that while the Wireless Booster extends the wireless signal it won’t increase the amount of bandwidth in your home. 

As a little Christmas bonus, Sky is giving out free Wireless Boosters to new and existing customers suffering from patchy coverage from December 26 until January 30, 2014. You can get your free Booster by joining or upgrading here

Update: We originally stated the wrong end date for the free Sky Wireless Boosters promotion. This has now been amended. 


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