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Smart energy product Neo from Heatmiser available to pre-order

Neo from Heatmiser is another smart energy solution that’ll let you control the heating from your phone. 

The system takes a leaf out of Honeywell’s evohome book in that you’re afforded control over multiple zones throughout the house. 

You can adjust the temperature of each room or ‘zone’ manually from fixed control panels or remotely using a mobile app. You can also control the hot water in your home in the same way, via a static panel of from your phone. 

Smart energy product Neo from Heatmiser available to pre-order
Don’t be a miser about energy prices: Neo from Heatmiser will help you save money

Read our guide to Smart EnergyHeatmiser is a British based family company that has been producing heating controls and thermostats for the last 30 years. Back in 2011, Heatmiser launched its first WiFi enabled thermostat and Martyn Kay, Director of Heatmiser, sees Neo as the natural evolution of this. 

“Product development is key at Heatmiser, we listen to feedback from customers and re-act with great products. We are proud to have been one of the first companies in the UK to launch a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat back in 2011 and the demand for smartphone control of the heating system has continued to grow ever since.” 

Like many smart energy products we’ve seen, there are three basic components to the Neo system. A neoStat replaces the existing thermostat and a neoStat-hw replaces the programmer. You then plug the neoHub into your home broadband router which handles all communication between devices. No port forwarding is needed as it’s been geared towards plug and play. 

Not due for release until January 2014, Neo from Heatmiser is available to pre-order now. 
Currently there are two bundles available. NeoKit 1 comes with a neoStat control panel to control the heating and NeoKit2 comes with a Neo thermostat and a hot water control. 

NeoKit 1 normally costs £199 while NeoKit 2 costs £265. Customers who pre-order now will be able to qualify for a 15 per cent discount. 


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