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Smart TV Tuesday: The Guardian shows off its Google TV app in the US (photos)

The Guardian has taken the wraps off of its Google TV app giving us an idea of the shape of TV apps to come.

Launching in the US, the Guardian app won’t be available to us in the UK for a while yet. But this gives us an idea of the shape of Google TV apps to come.

In fact, we’ve already got an idea of how the majority of the apps on Google TV will end up looking thanks to a talk with Novoda’s Kevin MacDonagh at TV Connect last week. It looks like they’ll generally follow a ‘column and grid’ layout for TV-sized displays.

This should make for a clean and simple experience, as the Guardian’s Stephen Folwell puts it, you’ll get a list of options down the left-hand column giving you access to regular sections such as News, Arts & Features, Sports and the rest.

A grid of links to photo stories video content is given extra screen space because TV is, y’know, a visual medium.

This app is a beta right now and is open to change. The Guardian is keen to point out that changes and new features can be added to the app in virtually no time at all;

“Chrome allows us to build an app quickly. In theory, this means we can create and release new versions of the app as often as we want, avoiding the lengthy approval processes required by some other connected TV platforms. We’ll experiment in real time with the content on offer and the user interface, tweaking both as we go.

“Once happy that we have a ‘stable’ prototype – v0, if you will – we’ll lock that design down and replicate it across other platforms, with a clear focus on the major UK platforms.”

So while us in the UK aren’t getting a dose of the Guardian Google TV app yet, expect to see Comment Is Free, Culture, Travel and the rest coming to a connected TV near you in the future.