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4K Skype session lets Somerset MP see the benefit of 700Mbps fibre broadband

Somerset may be flood hit but it hasn’t stopped one telecoms company from trying out its new superfast broadband with a Skype call in Ultra HD. 

Community broadband company Wansdyke Telecom carried out the superfast broadband demonstration at the Newton Farm Shop in Newton St. Loe, according to reports by the Somerset Guardian. 

Its fibre optic network has connected up two properties with connections speeds in excess of 700Mbps. 

The connection allowed a Skype call in 4K. Guests at the farm shop were able to chat with Chris Condor, representing another community broadband effort, Broadband for the Rural North. Chris Condor from that organisation was on the receiving end and the call lasted until late into the evening.

Wansdyke Telecom’s David Bland told the newspaper that the ultrafast connection meant customers could have a chat in 4K while they sipped their coffee.

“We’re demonstrating what a rural business can achieve with a truly high quality, really fast broadband connection,” he said.

“We’ve been streaming 4K video as part of our demonstration, which has blown everyone away,” said Matt McCabe of Wansdyke Telecom.

“The picture quality is so good, and that’s not TV we’re talking about, it’s ultra high definition video streamed from the internet. This is something that residents of rural NE Somerset could only have dreamed of until now.”

McCabe added that his organisation intended to build out the network from its based in Newton St Loe to most rural communities in North East Somerset.

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