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Sony’s subtly curved Bravia S90 4K TV: Eyes on video

Sony’s Bravia S90 is a curved 4K Ultra HD TV. Unlike the curvaceous beasts from LG and Samsung, the Bravia S90’s curve is subtler and less noticeable. Sony talked us through the thinking behind this at IFA 2014. 

The thinking behind making huge, high definition panels curve inwardly is that it creates an enveloping effect that drives more content to the peripheries of your vision. This supposedly makes for a more cinematic and immersive experience. 

This is fine for the solo viewer, but not so great for families and large groups of friends. In these situations it’s more desirable to have everyone looking at a flat panel. 

Curveball: Sony's concave 4K Telly is a subtler, more family-friendly affair
Curveball: Sony’s concave 4K Telly is a subtler, more family-friendly affair

Instead of going for a flexible option right now, Sony has hit a compromise between curved TVs and a totally flat display. The Bravia S90 has a gentler, shallower curve that supposedly offers the best of both worlds. 

As well as offering viewers a full 4K Ultra HD experience, Sony has included a 4.2 multi-channel speaker system in the Bravia S90, for those who don’t have or don’t want a separate stereo system. 

What’s more is that the prices for the Bravia S90s is also very attractive – the 65 and 75-inch models will cost just £3,900 and £7,300 when they go on sale in October. That’s more than a bit cheaper than the prices LG is asking for its OLED sets, which will cost you £6,000 and £20,000 for 65 and 75-inches of curved 4K fun. 

You’ll also be able to stream 4K content from Prime Instant Video and choose from a selection of ten movies that have been remastered in Ultra HD. Unfortunately, we don’t think it’s going to make the Total Recall suck any less.  


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