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Sony Google TV UK release date: 16th of July

Sony has announced that its first Google TV device will be hitting UK shelves next month; Monday the 16th of July to be precise. The Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV (to give it its full name) is a set-top box that, in Sony’s words, ‘lets any TV become a Google TV’.

Costing £200, the NSZ-GS7 connects to TV sets via HDMI, and comes with full internet browsing via Chrome, and access to video on-demand through the YouTube app and Twitter through the, er, Twitter app.

There’s just a handful of apps that have been optimised for Google TV so far. While we should be able to enjoy BBC iPlayer through Sony’s Google TV box, access to services like HBO GO are restricted to US residents only, for the time being. Looks like Sony’s own Crackle on-demand platform is along for the ride judging by the screenshot below.

Everything’s controlled through an IR remote which features on one side, an optical trackpad (see above) and on the other, a full QWERTY keyboard.

If you think that typing on the tiny rubbery keys is going to be a faff (hint: it will be) then you can thankfully download the Media Remote for Android app, which basically turns your phone or tablet into a remote control.

Plus, now we’ve got SwiftKey 3 rocking on our Android phones, this will make searching and surfing tons easier.

As the Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV isn’t a standalone set, it is threatening to become another black box under your TV. If you’ve not already started developing a lot of living room clutter this might not be a problem. 

But for those after a bit of convergence might want to hold on for the Sony NSZ-GS9 – which throws in a Blu-ray player.

Sony NSZ-GS9 Google TV Blu-ray player UK release date: October 2012

Costing £280, Sony’s NSZ-GS9 will first launch in the United States this October, with the UK France, Germany, Netherlands, Canada and Australia following.

In terms of functionality, the NSZ-GS9 is basically the same product as the GS7, save for the Blu-ray slot. Sadly for those who want to kill two AV birds with one stone, the release date for the Sony NSZ-GS9 isn’t any more precise than ‘October 2012’ for now; we’ll update you once you hear any more.

If you really can’t wait though, pre-orders for the Sony NSZ-GS7 begin today; head over to Sony’s UK site for more info.