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Sony launching Animax UK anime on demand channel

Sony has announced that a UK version of its popular Animax anime on demand channel is in the pipeline. 

The web-based streaming service will launch this autumn with UK premieres of Death Note and Vampire Nights

Pricing details for the service are not yet known, nor is the minimum required broadband speed. While the site will be available at, browser and plugin compatibility is also not known. 

Sony launching Animax UK anime on demand channel
A screenshot of Animax Asia, available in India and the Phillipines

Kate Marsh, senior vice president for SPT Networks, Western Europe says “With its roots in Japan, Animax is the leading international channel brand for anime, so launching a bespoke UK version is great news to fans here.”

There is already a small selection of Japanese animation available to Netflix and Lovefilm subscribers, including adaptations of famous Marvel superheroes. Blinkbox subscribers can also enjoy the Blade adaptation from the same series, but on-demand pickings for UK anime fans are otherwise pretty slim. 

While Crunchyroll offers free and paid anime streams to viewers worldwide, Animax will be a dedicated on-demand anime portal aimed specifically at the UK, along with Anime on Demand. 

Animax is currently available in selected European countries including the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Romania and Spain. Animax is available in 60 million households across 17 countries and is available in 14 languages. 


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