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Sony and Pioneer Freeview update loop problem solved

Owners of Sony and Pioneer-made Freeview devices suffered this weekend after an update caused TVs and recorders to get locked into a Groundhog Day-style loop. 

The issue, which mainly affected products from Sony’s RDR and HDX ranges, was resolved quickly and everything should be back to normal now. 

Digital UK told us that the error was caused by some incorrect EPG data that was sent out that caused certain products to misbehave. 

Sony and Pioneer Freeview firmware update loop problem solved
The Sony RDR HXD995 was one of the devices affected by a temporary Freeview flop

A Digital UK spokesperson told us: “On initial investigations, it appears that there was an error in the EPG data supplied for Sky channels which prompted certain makes of equipment, including some Sony models, to malfunction.  Having identified the problem, we made the supplier aware and were able to correct the data and resolve the issue.” 

All you’ll need to do is turn your Freeview device off at the mains and turn it back on again. 

Previously, Sony owners had picked up on a workaround that involved holding in the power button for five seconds will cause devices to soft reset. This would engage Repair mode. If it doesn’t and you’re still stuck in Update mode, repeat the process until you get a screen saying Repair mode. 

Recombu Digital’s own senior video producer and owner of a Sony RDR HXD995, Alper Catagay has confirmed that this solution works and it will not erase any recordings you’ve made: “I was worried about the five years of obscure programmes I’d recorded from TV and I thought they’d be lost forever. Luckily we were able to save everything.” 

Thankfully, you won’t even need to do this now. Simply turn it off and turn it back on again, IT Crowd-style and everything should be back to normal. 


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