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South west Scotland and Crayford back online as BT repair storm damage

BT engineers have reconnected the majority of broadband and phone services in south west Scotland and Crayford taken offline by the Christmas storms and floods. 

Following the extreme weather, which has seen BT network arm Openreach receive a record number of fault reports, engineers have been working overtime to get customers back online. 

As of midnight tonight, Openreach will have reconnected the last few locations, ticking south west Scotland and Crayford off the repair lists. 

South west Scotland and Crayford back online as BT repair storm damage
BT Openreach repair teams hit the ground running

Yesterday it was announced that repairs had been completed in north east Scotland. Customers in Scotland’s Highlands & Islands remain disconnected, as do premises in Cumbria. 

Repairs are still due to take place in North Wales, Mid Wales and Shrewsbury, Swansea, Truro, Exeter, Taunton, Bournemouth, Southampton the East, Central and West Downs, Esher, Croydon and Guildford.  

Openreach repair teams are prioritising jobs in such a way that all of the work can get done as fast as possible. The record number of faults have been caused by sustained rainfall and gale force winds over the holiday season. 

BT’s white van men seem to be permanently at war with the British elements, with damage caused by the widely reported St. Jude’s Storm requiring Openreach to hit the road, not long after teams had packed up and gone home, successfully reconnecting customers in Exeter, Scotland and the East Midlands


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