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Spotify, Adobe, Microsoft and Netflix charge Brits up to 56% more than US users

Online services like Spotify, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Netflix and Skype cost British users up to 56 per cent more than their American counterparts.

Spotify was the worst offender in the survey by consumer magazine Which?, with a year of its premium online music service costing £120 in the UK compared to £77 in the US.

The least over-sized price difference is for a year of Skype Premium, which costs £41 under the Union Jack and £38 under the Stars and Stripes.

Which? Technology’s Rory Boland said: “America might be the country that thinks big but when it comes to prices it’s the UK that comes out supersized.

“While some companies – such as Skype – have made an effort to match their prices in both countries – most haven’t. And some of the price differences are significant.”

Many of the prices – such as the 52 per cent premium for Microsoft Office – far exceed the difference in taxes between the continents, although currency fluctuations must also be taken into account.

Spotify, Adobe, Microsoft and Netflix charge Brits up to 56% more than US
Americans get cheaper stuff, but we get the NHS. Who’s the real loser?

The price of online services like these is going to become increasingly important as we move from buying and owning physical copies of music, films, books and software into online ownership or even online rentals.

Adobe has given up developing Creative Suites of design products it released every year or two with significant updates in favour of monthly and annual subscriptions for software which are continually updated.

Spotify is at the bleeding edge of a music subscription phenomenon which also includes major players like Google, Sony and iTunes. 

Taxes not included, why should British users pay a penny more than our American counterparts.

As Borland adds: “UK consumers are once again standing on the wrong side of the water when it comes to getting a fair price on digital products or services.”


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