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Spotify’s IFTTT channel plays with Nest, Philips Hue and, er, Deezer

IFTTT has finally launched a Spotify channel, meaning smart home and automation nerds can finally start working on recipes. 

Perhaps taking a leaf out of Deezer’s book, there’s a Philips Hue recipe to play with right off the day, which will change the colour of your Hue bulbs to match the artwork of the album you’re currently streaming tracks from, which could get a bit boring if you exclusively listen to black metal. 

Other recipes on offer include a Nest tie up which will let you literally chill out; whenever you play a certain song on Spotify, your air con units can be configured to kick out a blast of cool air

Related: Best IFTTT Do Button recipesYou can also use Do Button to quickly add tracks to new playlists if you’re making use of the Discovery Weekly feature. 

Like the Deezer channel, there aren’t many adventurous recipes that have been made yet – mostly there’s recipes that let you do things like create lists of the songs you listen to on Google Drive and Evernote, which, given that you can make your own lists on Spotify anyway seems kind of redundant. Why would you want to do that?

There’s also this ‘Trolling Spotify’ recipie which, apart from being mildly amusing doesn’t do much. 

You can do things like automatically post to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter every time you add a new track to a playlist if you want to show off how eclectic and amazing your taste in music is (spoiler: it isn’t) as well as follow any saved tracks on Genius, which could be useful if you’re ever trying to find out what Mark E. Smith is blathering on about

While there’s still no IFTTT channels for Schlage or August, we live in hope that one day you’ll be able to turn the key of your smart lock, which will then trigger Spotify to start blasting out your bombastic entrance theme



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