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PiixL’s Steam-powered smart TV gaming rig G-Pack hits Kickstarter

PiixL has launched the G-Pack, a Steam-optimised gaming PC that attaches to the back of your TV. 

A product that exists somewhere in the space between a Steam Machine and Chromecast, the G-Pack rig is designed to fit can be fitted to Full HD and 4K TVs between 37-inches and 70-inches in size. 

Hardware start-up PiixL wants to sell three versions of the G-Pack – an entry-level model, mid-tier and high-end 4K compatible model – and has taken to Kickstarter to raise cash. 

Like a G-Pack: PiixL's hideaway system promises performance gaming on the biggest of TVs
Like a G-Pack: PiixL’s hideaway system promises performance gaming on the biggest of TVs

Francois-Xavier Gardes, PiixL’s managing director says: “We’re very excited to finally bring G-Pack to Kickstarter. We have an extremely mature project and established supply chain. This machine had generated a considerable amount of anticipation ever since we announced it a few months ago. We can’t wait to deliver super high frame rates to everyone’s living rooms!” 

One aspect the company really focussed on was keeping the temperature of the box down because, let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than the whirring of fans to interrupt your gaming action. Anyone buy one of those early Xbox 360’s? 

The cooling system features a series of centrifugal fans to help the console stay cool without making any noise, while ensuring your TV doesn’t get too hot either. 

The G-Pack ships without controllers, meaning you’re free to use any wireless gamepads you already have. If you don’t have any controllers, PiixL says it’s making G-Pack pads which will be ready to order in time for the expected launch. 

The three versions of G-Pack include a Intel Core i3 version for $1,595 (£995), Core i5 for $2,095 (£1,300) and a high performance Core i7 version for $2,695 (£1,670). 

As a Kickstarter-exclusive reward, PiixL is also selling an empty chassis, aimed at ambitious modders who want to make their own TV-mountable rig. For this honour, you’ll need to part with $495 (£307) and add $100 (£62) for shipping – even though the company is based in London. 

PiixL is looking to raise $150,000 (£95,000) on Kickstarter so it can put the G-Pack into full-scale production. 

With just $23,700 (£15,000) raised so far, PiixL still has some way to go. 

If you’re stoked about the idea of a hidden gaming rig in your living room and you’ve got some spare pocket money – pledges start at $5 (£3) – head over to the G-Pack Kickstarter page and get kicking. 

Checl out Valve’s Big Picture video below for an idea how the G-Pack interface will look on your TV screen.