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Stephen Fry and Richard Branson kung fu fighting for Virgin Media TiVo

QI presenter and Twitter mainstay Stephen Fry takes on Richard Branson in the latest ad campaign for Virgin Media’s TiVo service features.

The first of two TV ads will air this Saturday on ITV and features the pair dressed in silk robes, fighting with a TiVo remote. Fry catches the remote one handed after Branson lobs it at him ninja-style, and then uses it to search for kung fu movies on TiVo.

The strapline for the first ad is the rather groansome “everything kung fuey in the blink of an eye.”

Stephen Fry and Richard Branson kung fu fighting for Virgin Media TiVo

Virgin Media TiVo: More powerful than God

The second ad sees Fry asking God seemingly in vain to see a dinosaur. God doesn’t seem to oblige, leaving Fry to resort to Virgin Media TiVo’s WishList feature to summon dinosaur-related programmes.

Jeff Dodds, executive director of brand and marketing communications at Virgin Media, said in a statement:

“Stephen Fry is without a doubt one of the most high profile and digitally savvy figures of today, making him an ideal candidate to demonstrate Virgin Media’s TiVo service.

“Whilst the success of our previous ad campaigns has done a fantastic job in raising awareness of TiVo and some of its great features, such as a TV guide that goes backwards in time, our next step is to help even more people understand the many benefits of upgrading to TiVo. We think we’ve achieved this in a funny and memorable way.”

The two ads will be set in the same ‘white space’ area where Doctor Who star David Tennant and Hustle star Marc Warren have previously promoted TiVo.