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Stream TV, Isohunt, Tor Movies and 29 other torrent sites to be blocked by main UK ISPs

Bad news torrent fans – BT, Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and EE will be required to block 32 sites upon receipt of a new High Court order. 

The order, requested by the MPA (Motion Picture Association), means that sites including Stream TV, Isohunt,, Cucirca and Tor Movies will be blocked by default by the UK’s biggest ISPs. 

The MPA is the international counterpart of the Motion Picture Association of America and has been behind a number of requests for access to sites including EZTV and Watch32 to be blocked. 

Stream TV, Isohunt, Tor Movies and 29 other torrent sites to be blocked by main UK ISPs
Enjoy it while it lasts: Movie25 is one of the many sites the MPA wants sunk

The latest list of sites to be blocked is:

  • Stream TV
  • Watchseries-online
  • Cucirca
  • Movie25
  • Iwannawatch
  • Warez BB
  • Ice Films
  • Tehparadox
  • Heroturko
  • Scene Source
  • Rapid Moviez
  • Iwatchonline
  • Los Movies
  • Isohunt
  • Torrentbutler
  • IP Torrents
  • Sumotorrent
  • Torrent Day
  • Torrenting
  • BitSoup
  • Torrent Bytes
  • Seventorrents
  • Yourbittorrent
  • Tor Movies 
  • Demonoid
  • Vertor
  • Rar BG

This is one of the longer lists of sites the MPA has requested that UK ISPs block en masse. Generally when ISPs start blocking big sites, other smaller sites benefit from a spike in traffic. 

The Pirate Bay was the first big site to be blocked by the UK’s major ISPs before rights holders started training their sights on smaller fish in the ocean. 

The terms of the court order will also see ISPs required to block any mirrors or workarounds that spring up in the wake of Site X being blocked. 

File sharing news site TorrentFreak reported yesterday that BT appeared to have started to restrict access to IP Torrents, one of the sites named in the list above. Upon receipt of the court order, each of the ISPs named will be legally required to block access to IP Torrents. 


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