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Summer storms and lightning strikes take out BT connections across England

Lightning and floods have hit BT’s networks from Manchester to Southampton, placing engineers on emergency alert across the country.

BT Openreach, which manages the ‘last mile’ connection from the telephone exchange to the customer, has declared a severe weather emergency in 13 regions.

The Matter Beyond Our Reasonable Control declaration allows Openreach to redirect engineers from connecting new customers to fixing the network.

Telegraph poles have come off badly as lightning struck the UK
Telegraph poles have come off badly as lightning struck the UK

“The storm caused extensive lightning and flooding damage across the UK, and has resulted to particularly serious impact to Openreach’s infrastructure,” Openreach said.

“Damage has been caused both above and below ground including cable/drop wire damage, split poles and burnt out joints.”

The affected areas are: North Manchester, South Yorkshire, Peterborough, Southend, Colchester, Cambridge, Broadlands, Romford, Newport, Bristol, East Downs, Swindon, Southampton.

The summer’s first round of MBORCs were declared on July 22, and with more storms across the UK today, it’s likely the emergency status could be extended to more areas or continue for longer.


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