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Superfast Dorset broadband plans to deny Lyme Regis golfers fibre speeds

Superfast Dorset like every other local broadband project in the UK, has plans to connect around 90-95 per cent of the county to superfast broadband. 

The remaining 10-5 per cent not covered by the proposed footprint will instead benefit from connections providing download speeds of at least 2Mbps – adequate for the most basic of internet use but hardly what you’d call fast and definitely not future-proofed.

This will see residents on the fringes losing out on next-gen services and businesses such as the Lyme Regis Golf Club missing a trick.

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Speaking to local paper Bridport News, town councillor for Lyme Regis Lorna Jenkins says that  “Timber Hill and golf club areas of town are outside the scope and may have to rely on the Superfast Dorset scheme,” if they want anything better than 2Mbps.

Currently, Superfast Dorset is assessing demand based on the number of residents who have registered their interest at its website. So far over 6,800 residents have registered, with areas around Dorchester and Bournemouth showing the most interest.

Bournemouth itself is already well-served by the likes of BT as well as Gigler, a provider of superfast 1Gbps broadband over FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) connections, which might explain the lack of apparent demand outside the city itself.

The white areas in this BDUK rollout map show where the money will be prioritised. Black areas are where BT and Virgin Media already are supplying (or plan to supply) superfast speeds and grey areas are where just one of these ISPs are operating. As you can see, most of Dorset is pretty poorly served by broadband right now.

Bids for Superfast Dorset and due in April and a winner is due to be announced in May. Those in danger of losing out have until then to start mounting local campaigns.


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