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SureMote is the one app to rule them all: Smart TVs, media streamers and smart home tech

Every wanted to be able to control absolutely everything from your phone? SureMote could be the app for you. 

Developed by Israeli company Tekoia, SureMote will let you controls smart TVs, media streamers, robot vaccum cleaners, smart heaters, air-conditioning units and other devices that are becoming part of the increasingly expanding Internet of Things.  

As the app will communicate with devices via WiFi and infrared (IR), meaning it should be able to control non-smart legacy devices too. 


SureMote is the one app to rule them all: Smart TVs, media streamers and smart home tech
Power at your fingertips: Soon your phone will control EVERYTHING

Although (IR) blasters are not common features, higher-end phones and tablets like the HTC One (M8) and Sony’s Xperia Z2 tablet feature them, as does last year’s flagship phone, the HTC One

SureMote also uses proprietary technology developed by the firm and runs on Android smartphones and tablets.  

The app includes an interface with controls like the keyboard, mouse, gyro and voice to make it a fully functioning, easy-to-navigate remote. It uses UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) to communicate to devices so setting SureMote up should be relatively hassle-free. 

At the Computex event in Taipai, Tekoia will be demonstrating SureMote controlling an LG Smart TV for second screen capability, along with an Apple TV and an iRobot Roomba vacuum

Viktor Ariel, founder and CEO of Tekoia said: “SureMote is taking the legacy problems of remotes and moving to the future, where the Internet of Things will be controlling so many devices in the home.” 

“With SureMote, we are focusing on innovation in the user experience and innovative communication technology to create a universal smartphone remote app designed from a user’s point of view. We do not see the remote as an afterthought so the design is appealing. It is a painkiller solution for both appliance makers and users.” 

SureMote is due to land in Google Play in July with an iOS version following later on this year. 


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