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Sussex, Kent and Sketty: Broadband Rollout Roundup 22/06/2012

This week’s been a quiet one on the #rolloutroundup front but that’s not to say there’s been no activity.

BT’s continued apace with its big fibre plan, lighting up another 233,000 UK homes and businesses with fibre.

While not every home or business covered by the initial rollout will be full Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP), from the 2nd of July BT customers ought to be able to get fibre ‘last mile’ on-demand, upgrading any fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) lines so that they’re capable of faster speeds.

Until then, this is Broadband Rollout Roundup for the 22nd of June, 2012.


Over 22,000 homes and businesses connected in East Sussex

More than 22,000 local homes and firms in:

  • Newhaven (FTTC)
  • Peacehaven (FTTC)
  • Polegate (FTTC)

have been connected to BT’s next-gen network.

This latest rollout will mean that by Spring 2013, there should be roughly 275,000 homes in the area and businesses hooked up to fibre.

200,000 locations lit up with fibre in Kent

Almost ten time the number of places have been fibred-up in Kent. Businesses in the following locations now ought to be able to order fibre broadband from BT:

  • Archers Court (FTTC)
  • Barming (FTTC)
  • Deal (FTTC)
  • Dover (FTTC)
  • Gillingham (FTTC)
  • Hythe (FTTC)
  • Loose (FTTC)
  • Maidstone (FTTC)
  • Medway (FTTC)
  • Minster Sheppey (FTTC)
  • Rainham (FTTC)
  • Ramsgate (FTTC)
  • Strood (FTTC)
  • Thanet (FTTC)

By Spring 2013, the total number of homes and businesses in Kent that can get fibre broadband from BT ought to reach 500,000.

11,000 homes and businesses get fibre in Sketty

The Sketty area of Swansea received 10,000 new fibre-to-the-cabinet lines courtesy of BT this week.

This will bring the total number of projected FTTC lines for the area to 56,000 pre-Spring 2013.

That’s your lot for Broadband Rollout Roundup this week. Have a good weekend, see you next week.