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Tado Care aims to stop boiler breakdowns before they happen

Smart heating company Tado has announced its new Care service, a remote diagnostic platform that aims to nip boiler breakdowns in the bud. 

Tado Care will launch as a free service, available to all customers with a Tado smart thermostat from today, with a paid-for service including service launching in the next few weeks.

The basic service will do things like measure water pressure, pinging a message to the Tado mobile apps if it drops to a level where it might cause a problem. 

The new Tado apps will also send Game of Thrones one liners to your phone
The new Tado apps will also send Game of Thrones one liners to your phone

As well as letting you know if something’s wrong, Tado Care will suggest quick fixes and things you can do to prevent your boiler breaking down. In the event of serious problems, it’ll tell you you need to call an engineer. 

Christian Deilmann, CEO and founder of Tado says that the idea is to provide round the clock support and help customers save money by potentially not having to pay to get a new boiler. Deilmann sees this as an extension of one of Tado’s basic principles – to save people money. 

“With our Tado Smart Thermostat we enable our users to easily save money & energy without having to sacrifice their comfort. The new service Tado Care takes it one step further by providing certainty that the heating is operational and preventing damage before it occurs,” Deilmann said. 

The paid-for options for Tado Care will allow you to subscribe for central heating service cover, so that Tado’s approved engineers will be able to turn up and repair your system without any additional charges.

In addition to this, Tado says it’s rolling out other updates to its apps on iOS and Android over the next few weeks.

The first will provide more data about your heating use and the temperature in your home, while another update will introduce an offline mode, so you can still control your Tado system with your phone over your home network, even if your internet connection is down.

Both of Tado’s Android and iOS apps are now native to their platforms, so they run faster and more efficiently with improved geolocation, but here’s still no word on when Tado will release an app for Windows Phone or any other mobile platforms. 


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