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Tado reaches intelligent air conditioning Kickstarter target

Smart heating company Tado is to put into production its intelligent air conditioning system following a successful fundraising effort on Kickstarter.

The campaign for Tado Cooling managed to raise $204,287 from over 1,600 backers in only 30 days. Its initial funding goal of $150,000 was surpassed last week.

The extra funds has meant the company has expanded on its original aim and offered investors new incentives to put money behind the project.

As a result of the extra money, Tado has announced integration with a number of other companies in the Internet of Things ecosystem to boost the product’s usefulness.

With the integration of Apple’s HomeKit, Tado users will be able to get even more out of Tado’s products when they own an Apple device. For example, it will allow for temperature or sleep time changes in the Tado app via a Siri voice command.

The firm said that other possibilities have opened up for the system’s indoor and outdoor presence detection. It could control Lights, TV, sound systems and other devices as a user moved from room to room.

It said the system would now integrate Philips Hue and LifX light bulbs. TV sets and sound systems would be able to be switched off by the Tado box via infrared and an integration with SmartThings opens up a new range of additional devices which could benefit from its intelligence.

It also plans to integrate with web service IFTTT will enable tech savvy users to connect plenty of web applications to their new AC control.

“We are really happy with the result of the campaign and it’s great to see that people around the world are as passionate about our new cooling product as we are”, said Christian Deilmann, founder and CEO at Tado.”

“Tado Cooling allows us bring the concept of intelligent climate control to warmer regions across the globe.”


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