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Tado smart energy heating app now responds to users

Smart heating company Tado has updated its heating app to make it easier for users to cut down on wasted energy.

Launching at the CeBIT show in Hanover, the latest version of the app lets users see how the app controls their heating system based on real-time data and to influence its operation themselves.

Tado was launched in Germany in 2012 and one year later it started offering its products in the UK and other European countries.

Tado smart energy heating app now responds to users
The Tado smart heating system has become more responsive

The app connects with a hardware kit installed in the users home. This connects to the user’s heating system and to the internet. The app controls tado via the internet.

Using the smartphone location services, the tado app knows when the last resident has left the house and automatically turns down the temperature, with no user action required. As soon as a resident starts making their way home, tado will begin heating in time for the house to warm up by the time they get home.

Homeowners can use the app to see how far the other residents are away from home and how the heating system is currently operating. This view is now also available on the browser-based web app.

The new app displays the current weather in the background. The weather forecast allows tado to act in plenty of time. Particularly with heating systems that take some time to react, such as underfloor heating, the system can be turned down in advance when the weather forecast promises higher outdoor temperatures or sunshine.

The new version of the web app will be made available to all users from today.


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