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TalkTalk’s monthly BT Sport price matches Sky’s

Prices for BT Sport on TalkTalk TV have been revealed; £21.99/month plus £15 or £30 activation fees. 

That’s the same price that BT charges Sky TV customers for its standard definition BT Sport channels – if they don’t take BT Broadband. Seeing as a TalkTalk internet service is a requirement for TalkTalk TV, that’s not an option here. 

All the same, the arrival of BT Sport on TalkTalk TV means that for the first time, TalkTalk customers can sign up for all of the Premier League games by adding Sky Sports and BT Sport bundles to their subscription. 

How can I watch BT Sport on Sky, Virgin Media, Freeview, TalkTalk TV and YouView?TalkTalk TV’s basic TV services come with a number of pay TV channels like Sky 1, Sky Living and Sky Sports News HQ included as standard. You’ve got the option to add and remove extra bundles of channels on a long-term or monthly basis. 

As is the case with the £30/month Sky Sports Boost bundle, you’ll be able to add BT Sport on a rolling monthly basis. This means football fans who only really care about Premier League games can sign up from August onwards and cancel during the off season months. Going for the rolling monthly option sees you paying a £30 activation charge whereas going for 12 months up front will see you paying £15 instead. 

The £15 option isn’t much of a saving to be honest; paying £21.99/month for a year with the £15 charge totals £278.88.

Going for the 9 month deal sees you paying a £227.91 with the £30 activation cost added. Every time you sign up again after cancelling you will have to pay another activation fee, so if you’re thinking of saving a bit of money, you’re best off cancelling before the 10th month and signing up again the following August. 

TalkTalk TV Essentials costs £5/month for the first 12 months and £10/month for the last six. This includes a basic TalkTalk TV set-top box which features a 15 minute time buffer (allowing you to pause and rewind live TV) but no hard drive for recordings. 

TalkTalk Plus TV costs £20/month and comes with a set-top box with a 350GB hard drive, allowing you to record up to 200 hours of SD programmes and 80 hours in HD. 

Both packages come with an unlimited ADSL broadband service (up to 17Mbps, no traffic shaping) included, for which you’ll need to pay line rental. The standard rate of line rental is £17.70/month. You can pay for a year’s worth up front for £191.16, which saves you £21.24. 

If you can get FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) at your address, you can add TalkTalk Fibre Medium (up to 38Mbps) for an extra £10/month plus a £50 connection fee. 

How does everything add up? With the cost of the BT Sport channels on their own (not including set up fees), your total monthly costs, assuming you’re paying the standard rate of line rental, works out as follows: 

TalkTalk TV Bundle Total Monthly Price
Essentials TV (£5/£10) line rental (£17.70/month) + BT Sport (£21.99) £44.69/£49.69
Plus TV (£20) line rental (£17.70/month) + BT Sport (£21.99) £59.69

If you wanted the complete Premier League package, here’s how much you’d pay each month with the £30 Sky Sports Boost added: 

TalkTalk TV Bundle Total Monthly Price
Essentials TV (£5/£10) line rental (£17.70/month) + BT Sport (£21.99) + Sky Sports (£30) £74.69/£79.69
Plus TV (£20) line rental (£17.70/month) + BT Sport (£21.99) + Sky Sports (£30) £89.69


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