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TalkTalk coughs up for Virgin Media’s copper National Broadband punters

TalkTalk has bought Virgin Media’s remaining National Broadband ADSL customers. 

The UK’s fourth largest ISP has agreed to pay an undisclosed sum for over 98,000 customers. National Broadband was an ADSL service sold to Virgin Media customers who weren’t covered by the superfast cable network. 

Virgin Media actually stopped selling National Broadband to new customers last October and rumours of a sell off have surfaced ever since. 

TalkTalk coughs up for Virgin Media's copper ADSL broadband punters
A Virgin Media van, yesterday: Things have moved on a lot since 2006

At least one of those rumours have come true as TalkTalk spokespeople have confirmed the sale. National Broadband customers will start to be migrated to TalkTalk’s network soon, with everyone to be moved over by Spring 2015. 

TalkTalk: “We are pleased to have agreed this deal which reflects the scale and quality of our network. 

“We look forward to welcoming these customers to TalkTalk and will be working closely with Virgin Media to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. These customers will be able to benefit from our full range of great value products, including TV and mobile, and we aim to make all of them better off.”

When Virgin Media launched in 2006, it touted itself as the UK’s first ‘quad play’ provider, in other words, it was the only company at the time capable of offering broadband, home phone, TV and mobile services to its customers. 

Customers not covered by Virgin’s cable network could still take advantage of bundles including digital terrestrial TV set-top boxes, Virgin Mobile services, home phone and ADSL broadband, via BT’s Openreach network instead of Virgin’s cable network. 

Since then, Virgin Media has greatly increased the speeds possible, selling up to 152Mbps services and TV packages including Sky Sports. Remember when Virgin Media customers couldn’t get Sky Sports?

On the Openreach side of the fence things have moved on too. BT has started rolling out FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) broadband to millions and thousands of UK homes. 

The launch of YouView also means that ISPs including BT and TalkTalk are able to offer their customers pay TV along with superfast broadband. TalkTalk is a quad play provider too – from December it will be bundling TalkTalk Mobile SIM cards in with its Plus TV packages

Virgin Media will contact National Broadband customers over the coming weeks. All customers will be given the opportunity to sign up with TalkTalk or shop around for another provider if they wish. 

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: “As we continue to invest in, and expand, our own superfast, fibre optic network, the time is right to hand over our DSL service. We are working closely with TalkTalk to ensure the transition is seamless and people have everything they need to make the switch.” 


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