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TalkTalk customers go wild for free phone privacy features

TalkTalk has reported a four-fold increase in the number of customers taking up its landline privacy features in the month since it was made free.

In January, TalkTalk made all landline privacy calling features completely free to subscribers. Last Caller Barring and Anonymous Caller Reject became free of charge, joining other service, Caller Display, 1571 Voicemail and Withhold Your Number, which were already free to TalkTalk’s 4 million customers.

The operator said that a large number of homes have taken advantage of the free services and this, it said, demonstrated that people don’t believe they should have to pay to protect their privacy.

TalkTalk said the rapid uptake meant that nuisance calls are a serious matter, which more telecoms companies should act upon.

Privacy features help customers avoid nuisance, scam and unwanted calls. TalkTalk claimed other providers charge for these services, with costs as much as £11.70 per month. As a result, TalkTalk customers would save up to £140 a year in comparison to BT.

When the free service was first launched, TalkTalk chief executive said nuisance and unwanted calls are a huge source of stress and frustration. “We don’t believe that people should be charged for the privilege of protecting their privacy. Our customers can now benefit from even more free features to help them avoid nuisance calls, helping to make TalkTalk homes even better off,” she said.


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