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TalkTalk talks up £12 SIM deal using the power of emoji

TalkTalk is using the universal language of emoji to talk up its latest £12 SIM only deal. 

At least, we think it is. We’re guessing that the infinity symbol, phone, envelope and bar graph (representing data?) refer to this deal, announced yesterday. We’re still not too sure about that sheep, mind. 

Available only to TalkTalk Simply Broadband and TV customers, the deal sees folks who sign up able to get unlimited calls, messages and data for just £12/month, plus whatever they’re paying for their broadband and/or TV. 

The SIM-only deal does represent good value for money, if you want a basic mobile service with no caps on talking, texting, Snapchatting, Tweeting or Instagramming. The deal however won’t see you able to get any 4G services and WiFi tethering – which lets you turn your phone into an ad-hoc MiFi hotspot – is also off the menu with this particular TalkTalk offering. 

TalkTalk talks up £12 SIM deal using the power of emoji

BT recently re-entered the mobile market with some new SIM-only offers. While these lock of WiFi tethering as well, you’ll be able to tap into faster 4G speeds. As BT Mobile uses EE’s network, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get superfast speeds – EE 4G is now available to 87 per cent of folks in the UK

TalkTalk currently uses Vodafone’s network, but will be switching to O2 at some point in the future. 

You can see how TalkTalk’s latest mobile offering compares to SIM-only offers from the likes of Three, Giffgaff, Virgin Mobile, and the rest in our feature here


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