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TalkTalk Essentials broadband now unlimited at £3.50/month for the first year

TalkTalk has taken the usage cap off its Essentials broadband and halved the price to £3.50/month for the first year.

Combined with upfront line rental, that makes it possible to get an unlimited up-to-20Mbps broadband connection for £12.75/month.

The 12-month TalkTalk Essentials package comes with unlimited evening and weekend UK landline calls, free connection, wireless router, TalkTalk’s Homesafe parental control service.

TalkTalk’s ADSL2+ network offers average download speeds of 7.2-8.8Mbps according to Ofcom, but at least 10 per cent of users will get an average of 13Mbps.

There’s also 10 per cent off your 16 favourite phone numbers at any time, free calls to other TalkTalk customers, and 500 free UK mobile minutes for the first three months (£5/month afterwards).

If you don’t have an active BT phone line, TalkTalk’s also offering to credit back the £50 reconnection fee for new customers who sign up by July 25, 2012.

Like many ISPs, TalkTalk’s unlimited downloads includes traffic-shaping which throttles peer-to-peer downloads at peak times (6pm-midnight).

If you don’t pay line rental in advance, TalkTalk line rental costs £14.50/month, and the offer’s only available if you’re on TalkTalk’s unbundled exchange network.