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TalkTalk hack sees over 100,000 punters walkwalk

Over 100,000 customers have left TalkTalk in the wake of the widely publicised leak of customers’ details last year. 

Though the data loss was much smaller than originally feared, that wasn’t enough to stop thousands of paying customers upping sticks for other service providers. 

Despite the reputational and technical damage caused by the hack, TalkTalk experienced positive growth throughout December and January; the number of TalkTalk broadband customers now taking a superfast Fibre service has risen to 632,000 from 578,000. 

Despite TalkTalk being unable to sell mobile deals online until January as a result of the hack, 609,000 customers now have a TalkTalk Mobile SIM sitting in their phones, up from 596,000 three months previously. 

TalkTalk CEO Dido Harding said: “It is encouraging to see the business returning to normal after a challenging quarter that was dominated by the cyber attack. Our customers have responded well, with almost half a million customers choosing to take up our unconditional offer of a free upgrade.” 

Extra TV channels, landline minutes and TalkTalk SIM cards were offered as an incentive to customers thinking about jumping ship following the hack; these were eagerly taken up by 489,000 customers. 

TalkTalk’s CEO is confident that the company will see even bigger increases and a ‘material step up in profits’ in the second half of the financial year. 

There was no mention of Ultra Fibre Optic, the bleeding-edge service that’s currently being trialled in York with Sky and CityFibre anywhere in the results. 

The joint venture has the potential to offer millions of customers across the UK the option of taking ultrafast up to 940Mbps FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) instead of superfast up to 80Mbps FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet), but none of the involved parties have been able to share findings of the trial so far. 

TalkTalk also declined to offer an update on Blinkbox in its latest results. TalkTalk acquired Blinkbox in early 2015 and the plan was to eventually integrate the on-demand service with TalkTalk TV. 

Since last year’s purchase there’s been little movement save for TalkTalk quietly rebranding the Blinkbox desktop site and mobile apps in January. As to when subscribers will be able to watch their old Blinkbox purchases through a TalkTalk TV box, we still don’t know. 


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