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TalkTalk launches online service centre to tackle broadband gremlins

TalkTalk broadband customers can now log in to an online portal to diagnose problems and call out the engineers.

The Online Service Centre can resolve problems with phone, broadband and YouView TV services faster than a customer service call.

It’s designed to tackle the major causes of poor broadband performance discovered by TalkTalk’s BrightSparks technicians: poor wiring and router setup.

TalkTalk launches online service centre to tackle broadband gremlins
TalkTalk’s Online Service Centre will help to diagnose problems

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to TalkTalk TV “We see thousands of homes wasting bandwidth simply because of a poor in-home set up,” said engineer Keith Myles.

“People need to think about their broadband in the same way as other utilities such as water and electricity – it’s a commodity that can go to waste if you’re not careful.”

The TalkTalk YouView box and latest routers have built-in remote diagnostics and updates so settings can be changed without a technician’s visit.

Customers will also be taken through a series of troubleshooting Q&A’s to help find out about their home setup before a technician is called out.

There’s also news on incidents affecting the wider TalkTalk network, such as damage at BT exchanges, and customers can sign up to SMS updates.

The online centre will also automatically identify when customers are due a free router upgrade, a technical visit or a personal call from a help centre.

Tristia Harrison, commercial director at TalkTalk, said: “The launch of the new service centre is part of TalkTalk’s on-going commitment to improving customers’ experience.”

TalkTalk has equipment in 2,798 BT exchanges around the UK, covering 96 per cent of the UK population, which allows it to ‘unbundle’ customers from BT’s network onto its own national backbone and control the connection to their home.


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