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TalkTalk offers record, pause and rewind on all TV Plus channels

TalkTalk Plus TV customers can now record, pause and rewind shows from Internet-based subscription channels as well as digital terrestrial channels. 

Previously subscribers with the Plus TV box, which features a 320GB hard drive, could only record shows from channels were delivered through an aerial – in other words the same channels you’d get on Freeview. 

Content from channels like Sky Sports 1, Comedy Central and MTV, that were delivered over a broadband connection, couldn’t be recorded and live action couldn’t be paused and rewinded, making reviewing those goals impossible. 

TalkTalk TV Plus offers access to seven Sky channels
‘Good news Watson! We can finally record Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.’ ‘What?’

Now you skip back in time by up to 30 minutes on TalkTalk TV, so if you miss the beginning of your favourite TV show, you can rewind to the beginning and start watching instantly. 

A TalkTalk spokesperson said: “We’re more dedicated than ever to helping you get the most from your TalkTalk TV service. With these great new features and flexible TV Boosts, it’s TV you’ll be glued to, not stuck with.” 

The ISP has made a big investment to improve its YouView-based TV service recently. Parents were offered a free taster of its Kids Boost last weekend. Normally priced at £5/month, the Kids Boost can be had for £2.50 instead if parents (and any overgrown kidults) sign up during half term. 

TalkTalk is currently offering its Plus TV service, which comes with seven Sky TV channels as standard, at a discounted rate of £9.25/month for six months, then the standard rate of £18.50/month, plus £15.95/month for line rental. 

Note that the standard rate of line rental is going up to £16.70/month later in the year but canny customers can take advantage of TalkTalk Value Line Rental before the price rise kicks in. 


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