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TalkTalk Plus TV update rolls out to YouView+ Huawei boxes, fixes PIN problem

A small update is rolling out TalkTalk’s Huawei-made Plus TV boxes. 

The update will fix a problem that customers have experienced where the Plus TV box has repeatedly asked for the PIN number to be entered. 

The ‘Play All content’ feature has returned to the TalkTalk Player on-demand menu, after a previous update had removed it and an error message which popped up during live TV broadcasts. 

TalkTalk Plus TV update rolls out to YouView+ Huawei boxes, fixes PIN problem
Fix up look sharp: TalkTalk TV updates are rolling up now

Read our guide to TalkTalk TVThe help page of TalkTalk reveals that the fix is being rolled out for the DN370T YouView boxes, or in layman’s terms the first ever TalkTalk TV box released. 

To date, TalkTalk has released three TV boxes; the original Plus TV box (the DN370T), a slightly different version of this which was announced in September, and the recently released TalkTalk Essentials zapper box. 

TalkTalk Plus TV (£10/month) lets you watch a mixture of digital terrestrial TV and add a number of premium channels, including Sky 1 and Sky Sports to the mix. There’s also a 350GB hard drive that lets you record programmes for later viewing. 

TalkTalk Essentials TV launched with limited stock in September ahead of a full launch on November 5. TalkTalk Essentials is cheaper package to subscribe to (£7.50/month) and gives you access to the same channels as TalkTalk Plus TV. The only difference between the two services is that you can’t record with the Essentials TV box. 

The software update will be rolling out in phases, between now and November 11. 


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