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TalkTalk SimplyBroadband now free for 18 months

TalkTalk’s now offering its entry-level SimplyBroadband service for the duration of the contract, plus line rental.

This no frills deal doesn’t come with and UK landline calls, mobile SIMs or TV channels bundled in – as the name suggests, it’s simply broadband. The standard price of SimplyBroadband is normally £7.50/month for 18 months, meaning this latest promotion sees you essentially getting the service for free. 

That said, unlike many other ‘broadband only’ offers, you’ll still be charged for line rental if you take out SimplyBroadband

The current standard monthly rate of TalkTalk’s line rental is £17.70/month. Punters with bulging wallets can opt to pay for 12 months’ worth of rental up front by paying £191.16, a saving of £21.24 versus the basic rate over a year. 

If you live in an area where FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) is available, then you can sign up for Fibre Medium, which gives you download speeds of up to £38Mbps for an extra £10/month or Fibre Large, which takes you up to 76Mbps for an additional £15/month. 

As with ADSL broadband, the top speeds you’ll get with an FTTC service depend largely on your location. Unlike ADSL, where speeds are determined by your proximity to the telephone exchange, with an FTTC service the bandwidth you’ll be getting into your property is determined chiefly by how close you are to a green Openreach street cabinet. 

If you’re taking either of the FTTC services from TalkTalk, there’s a one-off £50 connection charge. Youve also got the option of a dual-band WiFi AC Super Router to be included for no extra charge besides a small delivery fee of £6.75. The TalkTalk Super Router is available with all packages. 

BT’s latest postcode checker gives people waiting for Openreach engineers to bring superfast services to their neck of the woods a better idea of when that will actually happen, as well as telling folks who can get it exactly where their cabinet is located and what number it’s been assigned. 


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