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TalkTalk Speedy Discount offers 15 per cent off bills if you pay on the day

TalkTalk is offering ‘speedy’ customers who pay their bills on the day they get them a 15 per cent discount. 

The reduction is aimed at non-standing order customers who prefer the flexibility of being able to pay when it suits them. 

TalkTalk’s Speedy Discount window is open 24 hours from when you receive your bill online. 

TalkTalk Speedy Discount offers 15 per cent off bills if you pay on the day
TalkTalk helps you look after the pennies with Speedy Discount

Speedy Discount is available to direct debit customers, but requires a debit/credit card transaction, in other words not a standing order of direct debit payment. 

The discount has been introduced in the wake of TalkTalk putting up prices for broadband packages, phone services and line rental

The majority of services have increased by £1/month while some, such as TalkTalk Plus TV have gone up by £3/month. New customers will be expected to pay the increased rates while existing customers won’t have to until May. 

To sweeten the deal, TalkTalk has revamped the Plus TV package by adding seven Sky channels as standard. 

With the Speedy Discount, the new TalkTalk Plus TV package, which includes unlimited broadband would cost £29.28 instead of the usual £34.45 if you took advantage of the new deal. Then again, you’ll need to be quick before the shutters fall on that 24 hour window. 

Virgin Media announced a series of price rises before Christmas 2013, but softened the blow with the introduction of ultrafast broadband packages and speed boosts up to 152Mbps


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