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TalkTalk cuts unlimited Fibre SimplyBroadband price to £5/month for a year

TalkTalk has slashed the cost of its basic up to 38Mbps Fibre SimplyBroadband service down to £5/month for the first 12 months of an 18 month contract. 

The deal sees you paying £17.50/month for the last six months, which is also a little cheaper than the regular rate of £19.50/month. 

Do I need to pay line rental for broadband? While TalkTalk SimplyBroadband doesn’t include inclusive landline minutes, there is a charge for line rental. This will set you back either £17.70/month if you pay the standard monthly rate or if you want to save a bit of cash (and dodge any potential line rental hikes) you can pay £191.16 for 12 months’ worth of line rental cover. 

Here’s how everything adds up with the discounts and the various rates of line rental: 

  Broadband Standard Line Rental Monthly Total
TalkTalk Fibre – first 12 months £5 £17.70 £22.70
TalkTalk Fibre – last 6 months £17.50 £17.70 £35.20

TalkTalk Fibre SimplyBroadband uses FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) technology, which means the top speed possible is actually 40Mbps, but as with ADSL broadband the speed you’ll actually get is determined by the distance between your house and the street cabinet – the longer that copper last mile is, the slower your service will be. Due to advertising rules, TalkTalk can only state the top speed that’s available to 10 per cent of customers, hence why the touted top speed is a little lower. 

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