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TalkTalk vs BT Infinity: annoying students live on thanks to ads watchdog

BT’s talent for annoying ad campaigns remains undiminished after advertising watchdogs cleared the BT Infinity students to return.

TalkTalk complained that the opening ad in the ‘will they, won’t they, who cares?’ campaign claimed that only BT has fibre broadband.

Joe, Anna, Simon from BT's Flat 6. Annoying

Two members of the public also claimed that the ad was misleading when gamer-geek Simon said ‘Thanks fibre optic technology” followed by a voice-over statement: “Four times faster than average broadband: Infinity, only from BT.”

BT, along with advertising agency Clearcast, told the Advertising Standards Authority they believed the ad referred only to BT Infinity, and not to fibre-optic broadband in general.

A nation held its breath in the hope that Anna, Simon and Joe would fail to return for a second year – unfortunately the ASA agreed that BT’s advert wasn’t misleading.

“We considered that viewers would understand that “Infinity” was the name of the BT broadband product and that the claim “Only from BT” related to this product, not to fibre optic technology generally,” said the ASA. “Because we did not consider that viewers would infer from the ad that fibre optic technology was only available from BT we concluded that the ad was not misleading.”

BT Broadband’s previous ‘Adam and Jane’ set a standard for unwatchably annoying advertising characters that the occupants of Flat 6 will need a full-length degree course to challenge.

Adam and Jane. Unbearable