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TalkTalk’s WorkSafe software lets bosses block Facebook: Updated with video

TalkTalk’s WorkSafe software lets bosses block Facebook If you’re fed up of your workforce goofing off on Facebook when they should be filing TPS reports, TalkTalk Business’ WorkSafe product is for you. 

Taking a leaf out of TalkTalk’s own HomeSafe security software that lets parents block social networks, gambling and porn sites, WorkSafe is a network-level security service.

As well as allowing companies to easily restrict access to certain websites you can apply blocks to sites believed to host malware or illegal content.

Settings can be easily managed through the MyAccount interface. As this service is a built in feature of TalkTalk Business there’s no extra equipment or software to install, you just need to log in and make your changes.

You can tailor block lists to include specific sites as well as entire categories if you want to keep access to things like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for promotional reasons but perhaps lock out access to chat rooms and other social platforms.

TalkTalk Business WorkSafe is available now as a standard feature of all the fibre broadband-based business products. For a better idea of how it works in the flesh, check out TalkTalk’s WorkSafe video demo below.


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