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Tesco Clubcard TV launching today, free Blinkbox movies for card holders

Tesco has taken the wraps off of Clubcard TV, the new on-demand movie service powered by Blinkbox that’s available free for Tesco Clubcard holders. 

Clubcard TV, which we spotted a couple of weeks ago, is launching with a line-up of classic and popular movie and TV titles including The Shawshank Redemption, Ocean’s Eleven, The Only Way is Essex and Doc Brown

The free service requires you to enter your Clubcard number along with the usual details during sign up, something which Tesco says will allow it to target specific adverts at viewers. 

Tesco Clubcard TV launching today, free Blinkbox movies for card holders
Tesco Clubcard TV – free movies on-demand with your bonus points

Read more about Blinkbox and Clubcard TVIn terms of content, there’s over 500 movies and 1,700 TV episodes available to watch now. Tesco says that it’s adding new titles to its library all the time and it meeting with content owners on a weekly basis. 

Parents can easily enable restrictions on what movies can be watched, locking out access to age-rated films and movies with a four digit PIN. 

Initially only available to view through your desktop browser, Tesco has mentioned plans to bring Clubcard TV to games consoles, smart TV’s, tablets, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes. Clubcard TV is powered by Microsoft Silverlight, so you’ll need to have that installed on your browser for it to work. We’ll update once we hear anything more about Clubcard TV coming to other platforms. 

This is a great extra bonus for Clubcard holders and should prove an attractive incentive for those without one to head to their nearest branch of Tesco and fill in a form. Last year we heard that supermarket rival Sainsburys was planning to launch an on-demand service, but we’ve not heard much else since.

How the lure of free movies suppoted by the occasional advert will stack up against the likes of Netflix and Lovefilm Instant remains to be seen but we think Clubcard TV could prove to be popular.


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